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Upcoming Events


sound journey

June 21 - embrace yoga, san rafael

July 6 - sukha yoga, Novato

Sound Journeys are an opportunity to relax deeply into your natural state of harmony and presence.

Voice, crystal singing bowls and percussion instruments are used to create a web of sounds and to awaken, heal and activate the body into wholeness. Come to alleviate physical pain, relieve stress, and receive loving nourishment.

Arise refreshed, renewed, and expanded in your awareness.


Seasonal detox workshop

Sept 28 - embrace yoga, san rafael

Regular detoxing of the digestive system is necessary for healthy elimination and well-being. The same goes for the subconscious mind that harbors limiting thought patterns that keep us small.

This 3-hr workshop leverages kundalini yoga and sound vibration to detoxify the body, replenish the spirit, and empower your true self.  

All levels, including Kundalini newbies, welcome!


Secrets of vibration workshop

june 22 - sukha yoga, Novato

Join me for an introductory workshop on Sound Healing. Sound healing has become increasingly popular over the last decade to treat physical, emotional, and mental ailments. Why?

In this experiential workshop, we will explore the science and mysticism behind vibration and how it can be used for transformation.

Includes group sound experiences and crystal singing bowl sound bath.


kundalini yoga weekly classes

tues 2-3:30pm - sukha yoga, Novato

Tues 4:45-6pm - Embrace Yoga, San Rafael

Kundalini Yoga, as brought to the west in 1969 by Yogi Bhajan, uses coordinated breath, movement and mantra practices to revitalize the body to maximum vitality. It’s called “the yoga of awareness” since it awakens sensory perception and creative consciousness. Leave feeling refreshed, revitalized, and present in yourself. 

Newbies and all levels welcome!


emergence women’s circle

june 30, july 14, july 28, aug 11

It’s time for your true self to emerge.

On these 4 Sundays we will gather together to practice kundalini yoga, activate our voice, and explore intuitive dance for ushering forth our creative selves. We will also review self-care practices for maintaining our vibrational wellbeing, with ample space to learn and share from each other. 

This Summer EMERGENCE is a pilot series and is limited to 5 participants.  Takes place at a private, retreat-like residence in El Cerrito.

Join us for this intimate and nourishing circle.



SoundWork is the art of creating sound from a ceremonial container to channel divine frequencies for the highest good. When we resonate our highest self, we are able to flow in the world through aligned choices that serve us. It starts with being immersed in the frequency of divinity. In SoundWork, voice, crystal singing bowls, and percussion instruments are used to create a blissful landscape of sounds to heal, soothe, and activate our being into wholeness. Group and private sessions available.  


Kundalini Yoga

Kundalini Yoga, as brought to the west in 1969 by Yogi Bhajan, is the yoga of awareness. It uses specific sequences of postures, aligned with breath and mantras, to address physical, emotional, and energetic wellbeing. The core goal is activating the kundalini, the body's creative life force, to enliven the body to its highest potential. The practice is designed to strengthen all systems of the body so that greater consciousness is available and physical vitality is maximized. Group and private classes available.