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Upcoming Events

Sound BaTH
Nov 3 - Novato

Sound Baths are an invitation to tend to your inner world through deep listening, witnessing, and sounding to access a deeper relationship with yourself. 

Voice, crystal singing bowls and percussion instruments are used to create a web of harmonies and melodies to awaken, heal and activate the body into wholeness. 


AWakening inner vision
oct 27 - novato

Our Third Eye, the place of the master pituitary gland, is our command center. It’s where our connection to source awakens our intuition and visions the truth. It’s also where we project our inner world outwards to create our external reality. 

In this 3hr workshop we will leverage kundalini yoga and sound to activate our pituitary gland, awaken our inner vision, and connect to our deepest wisdom.

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soul harvest women's retreat
oct 19-21 - o'bannon woods, IN

This weekend women’s retreat is an opportunity to embrace your shakti and explore your core essence in the company of other heart-centered women.

Led by Adriana Cerundolo and Sammy-Jo Hand, this nature-based retreat includes kundalini and vinyasa yoga, sound healing, nature walks, dancing, ceremony, and nourishing vegan meals. Expect to camp outdoors and connect to mother earth on beautiful private property near O'Bannon Woods. 



SoundWork is the art of creating sound from a ceremonial container to channel divine frequencies for the highest good. When we resonate our highest self, we are able to flow in the world through aligned choices that serve us. It starts with being immersed in the frequency of divinity. In SoundWork, voice, crystal singing bowls, and percussion instruments are used to create a blissful landscape of sounds to heal, soothe, and activate our being into wholeness. Group and private sessions available.  



Ceremony is the art of connecting with divine source energy through an established form. Forms can take many shapes, but all are grounded in intention and use tools, practices, and objects that represent an aspect of the divine. Learn how to strengthen your relationship with infinite source consciousness through ceremony. 


Kundalini Yoga

Kundalini Yoga, as brought to the west in 1969 by Yogi Bhajan, is the yoga of awareness. It uses specific sequences of postures, aligned with breath and mantras, to address physical, emotional, and energetic wellbeing. The core goal is activating the kundalini, the body's creative life force, to enliven the body to its highest potential. The practice is designed to strengthen all systems of the body so that greater consciousness is available and physical vitality is maximized. Group and private classes available.



7Directions® is an earth-based dance ceremony where movement becomes medicine to engage the body and explore one's relationship with the sacred within and without. This practice is an invitation to allow internal impulses to guide movement and unlock body wisdom. Movement is not choreographed or guided, but is instead a personal journey. An eclectic blend of world, electric, tribal and devotional music is intentionally woven together per ceremony.  



Embodiment is harmonizing our inner world with our outer world for ecstatic living and bountiful creative expression. It’s where we take what we learn to be true for ourselves and align our being in integrity with that truth. It’s the difference between believing spiritual concepts and activating them through conscious choice. 

Embodiment is a life-long journey and ongoing evolution. It starts with tending to our relationship with the self and healing our separation from the divine.

Drawing from her varied experience and learned tools in claiming her own sacred, Adriana offers private sessions to support your embodiment process. Sessions are customized to meet individual needs and include a unique blend of guided meditation, sound healing, kundalini yoga, intuitive guidance, and ceremonial teachings. She will send you home with personalized take-home practices to support your exploration and activation of the sacred within.

To schedule a session, or explore how it could support you, use the request button below.